MS Database Development

Dreamz SQL Database is an enterprise-grade database management solution designed to support large and complex datasets. It is built using Microsoft SQL Server technology that provides blazing-fast access to data with advanced features to keep your data secure and optimized. With Dreamz SQL Database, you can confidently store and manage important business data with optimal performance. Features such as support for stored procedures, multiple query optimization options, advanced security features, robust monitoring and automation options help reduce administrative overhead and total cost of ownership. Furthermore, Dreamz Databases are built on Microsoft’s cloud database platform, Azure. Through Azure, Dreamz provides an easily scalable solution with blazing-fast cloud performance. Plus, Dreamz SQL Database integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft services, such as Power BI and Office 365 applications.

Why Microsoft SQL Server

Dreamz MS SQL Database Engine is a cloud-based relational database engine that is used for managing large amounts of data with enhanced scalability, security, and reliability. It is based on the Microsoft SQL Server platform and provides support for the latest version of Microsoft’s SQL Server database. Dreamz MS SQL Database Engine enables users to securely store large datasets and quickly process query requests with high performance and accuracy. It is suitable for applications that need to store and manage a large amount of data in a distributed environment.

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MS SQL Database Features

The Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine is a software product that is used for storing, retrieving, and managing data in relational databases.


Allows users to quickly locate data and retrieve them. This reduces disk I/O and improves overall database performance.

Query Optimization

Automatically finds the most efficient way to carry out a query or operation. This helps reduce the load on the database server.


Provides granular levels of security with the use of authentication, authorization, and encryption to keep your data safe.


Offers the ability to replicate and redistribute data across multiple systems for scalability, availability, and redundancy.

Quality of Service

Guarantees that queries are executed quickly and reliably without impacting performance.

Tuning Advisor

Automatically detects and resolves issues related to database performance and optimization. This ensures