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We are experts in CodeIgniter, with a team of seasoned developers who have a deep understanding of this powerful PHP framework. Our proficiency ensures top-quality, efficient, and scalable web solutions.

Code Igniter integration and customization

Welcome to a world of limitless possibilities where innovation meets customization. At Dreamz CodeIgniter Integration and Customization Company, we specialize in seamlessly integrating and tailoring CodeIgniter solutions to match your unique business needs and objectives.

Reasons To Count On Us

From startups to Fortune 500+ companies and organization, our IT solutions have helped world-famous brands realize the power of digitalization in business growth. Sustainability is a core element of our business process besides continuous evolvement. By leveraging years of experience and tech. We help enterprises embrace change and reinvent business models in the era of cloud and data intelligence.

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What we offer

Dreamz is a CodeIgniter development company that offers a range of Node services to clients. Some of the key React services offered by Dreamz include:

Custom Web Application Development

Design, develop, and deploy web applications tailored to clients’ specific requirements and business objectives.

CodeIgniter Consulting

Provide expert guidance and consulting services to help clients plan and strategize their web development projects using CodeIgniter.

CodeIgniter Integration

Seamlessly integrate CodeIgniter solutions into clients’ existing systems and technologies, ensuring compatibility and efficient data flow.

CodeIgniter Module Development

Create custom modules and extensions to extend the functionality of CodeIgniter applications, adding unique features and capabilities.

CodeIgniter API Development

Develop robust APIs using CodeIgniter to facilitate data exchange, third-party integrations, and scalability.

CodeIgniter E-commerce Solutions

Develop e-commerce websites and applications using CodeIgniter, including shopping carts, payment gateways, and product catalogs.

Code Igniter Features


High Performance

CodeIgniter is known for its exceptional speed and performance, thanks to its small footprint and optimized code.


Modular Structure

The framework allows developers to create reusable modules and libraries, promoting code reusability.


Database Abstraction

CodeIgniter provides a database abstraction layer that supports multiple database systems, simplifying database interactions.


Security Features

It includes built-in security features such as input validation, output escaping, and protection against CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) attacks.


Error Handling

CodeIgniter offers robust error handling and logging capabilities, helping developers identify and troubleshoot issues quickly.


Flexible Routing

Customizable URL routing allows for clean and search engine-friendly URLs.